Plan your day

To make your day even more special there are some great activities you can do, from walking to wakeboarding, aqua parc to archery, there’s something for everyone at Willen lake.

WOW Refreshments

Offering cold drinks, 9 different flavours of slush puppies ,freshly made popcorn ,candy floss and a large variety of sweets.

Wow refreshments is open daily from 11am -6pm.

Bungee Tampolines

The bungees trampolines are suitable for ages 2-12 years.

Samba balloon ride

Suitable for 2-80 years!
Adults can ride with children.

Hook a duck

With prizes suitable for any age.

Kids car ride

The kids car ride is suitable for ages 2-12 years.


Willen Lake’s brand new Bar & Kitchen by Benugo is located right on the shore of the lake, next to the watersports centre. Boasting two floors of amazing views it will be open for breakfast through to lunch then sunset dinners on the large lakeside terrace.

Well-behaved dogs are welcome downstairs where guests can enjoy an award-winning Benugo coffee and freshly baked cakes, or a hand-made salad or sandwich from the grab and go fridge – there are plenty of tables both inside and out.


On the water

Whatever the time of year there’s always something to do on the water, there’s the fun of the aqua park where you can bounce and slide, finished always with a big splash, you can try your hand at sailing or windsurfing and if you’re feeling like areal adrenalin rush there’s a cable wakeboarding course too.


Off the water

There’s some beautiful scenery at the lake, you’ll get the best view from the wheel but you can also enjoy some nice walks where an abundance of nature will be there to great you. If you are feeling adventurous there’s the Treetop Extreme course, complete with zip lines and rope bridges. For a relaxing time you can always pass a few hours fishing by the waters edge. There’s Archery with instructors if you want to get your Robin Hood on, keep fit classes and football, click here to go to the Willen Lake website and find out more